St John the Baptist Fishpond.

The Church nestles under Lamberts Castle in an idyllic setting with wonderful views down the valley to Charmouth and the sea. It was built in 1854 with, it is believed, stone from a ruined church in the Marshwood vale (Mutton Street). The interior is quite simple but with a beautiful stained glass window, semi abstract in form, by Arthur E Buss, dated 1967.

Parish Magazine 1911

"Those of our parishioners who have not yet explored the neighbourhood of Lambert's Castle are advised to do so. The twentieth century is somewhat careless, we believe, both in preserving and appreciating the remains of the past; but the remains of the Castle in the Vale, and the large earthwork fortifications around Fishpond, are something of which any parish might well be proud.

The Britons possessed no wagons sufficiently large enough to carry stone. Their own houses were of wood or wicker work, and so their fortresses would be entirely of earth. Sites were selected where the natural environment would facilitate the process of fortifying, and the neighbourhood of Fishpond shews with what care they selected their locality".

We welcome people to come and visit at any time and share with us a tranquil and peaceful place of worship.

St Candida and Holy Cross ~ Stanton St Gabriel's

Services & Events

St Candida & Holy Cross Church

10:00 am - 4:00pm**

July Services 2018

1st July

8:00am Eucharist - St Candida
9:30am Eucharist - Fishpond
10:30 - Free Exchange Cafe -St Candida

8th July

11:00am Eucharist - St Candida
4:00pm Healing Service - St Wite's Well
6:30pm Cong Evensong - Fishpond

15th July

9:30am Eucharist - St Gabriels
9:30am Eucharist - Fishpond
11:00am Short n Sweet Childrens Service - St Candida

21st - 22nd July

10am-5pm Flower Festival - St Candida

22nd July

5:00pm Songs of Praise - St Candida

29th July

6:00pm Evensong - St Candida

5th August

8:00am Eucharist - St Candida
9:30am Eucharist - Fishpond
10:30 - Free Exchange Cafe -St Candida

**Contact the Church if you would like to plan a visit to the church outside the regular open hours.

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St Candida and Holy Cross
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