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Saint Candida and Holy Cross welcomes you to this website.

Having served the local community of Whitchurch Canonicorum in the Marshwood Vale for over a millennium Saint Candida and the Holy Cross (known locally as The Cathedral of the Vale) is a wealth of religous and historical significance.

With regular weekly services St Candida and Holy Cross, along with the churches of Stanton St Gabriel's and St John the Baptist Fishponds, they make up the parish of Whitchurch Canonicorum. All three churches hold regular events and activities and serve their local communities.

Message from the Church Warden: Church Path Update - 21 March 2016

The area in front of the entrance to the churchyard is currently undergoing repairs.

The church carpark is open and is accessed to the left of the war memorial but cars and walkers enter at their own risk.

We are sorry for any inconvenience to visitors to the church.

Pat Hawkins of the Five Bells, very kindly, is allowing any church visitors to park at the Five Bells.

This is now the recommended route to the churchyard.

- H. Joyce, Church Warden

Services & Events

St Candida & Holy Cross Church

10:00 am - 4:00pm**

Regular Services 2016

1st Sunday

8:00am Eucharist - St Candida
9:30am Eucharist - Fishpond
10:30am free eXchange cafe (Apr-Nov)

2nd Sunday

9:30am Eucharist - St Gabriels
11:00am Eucharist - St Candida
6:30pm Cong Evensong - Fishpond

3rd Sunday

9:30am Eucharist - Fishpond
11:00am Matins - St Candida

4th Sunday

9:30am Songs of Praise - St Gabriel
11:00am Eucharist - St Candida
6:00pm Choral Evensong (Feb,April,June,Aug,Oct,Dec) - St Candida

5th Sunday

Varies - Check Parish Mag

4th Thurs

3:00pm Healing & Wholeness - St Candida

**Contact the Church Warden if you would like to plan a visit to the church outside the regular open hours.

Contact Info:

St Candida and Holy Cross
Whitchurch Canonicorum
Dorset DT6 6RJ